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Product Quality Service Commitment
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In order to meet the needs of customers, the company makes the following commitments to product quality and service:

A: The warranty period of our company s products is: 5 years (from the date of product sales and delivery);
Among them, from the date of product sales and delivery, in the first year, we will confirm the product with quality problems.
Free package repair and replacement, free range includes: free delivery of the same model as the defective product
Qualified or unused goods, and bear the cost of returning to and from the car or rail. Customer from user
All costs incurred in recovering defective products in the hands are borne by the customer.

? After the first year of free warranty and during the warranty period, confirmed as a product with quality problems, I
The company provides preferential repair services and assumes corresponding quality responsibilities, and collects repaired defective products.
Material fee, free of labor and burdened with car or rail freight for qualified products; customer negative
Take all the expenses incurred in recovering the defective products from the user and return the shipping charges of our company and me.
Material costs incurred by the company for repairs.

? Our company does not promise free repair kits due to the following reasons:
Change service and do not assume corresponding responsibility.

1 force majeure and other force majeure;

2 wrong installation, use, abuse, negligence or modification of the product;

3 Failure to provide control method or connection to inappropriate voltage according to the technical data of the company
Power supply (eg: wrong AC220V power supply); or unreliable wiring (eg: wrong polarity or
Poor contact) causes the product s electric drive control to fail;

4 Unauthorized disassembly and repair by a technician other than the company or anyone not authorized by the company;

5 The fault arises from the product and other accessories, products, accessories or accessories that are not approved by the company.
The joint use of equipment, or the products provided by the company itself are not defective, but because Party A is ordering
Errors caused by the goods;

6 After the product is handed over to the customer, the product is lost or damaged due to poor customer storage;

Second: after the product quality assurance period expires, it is recommended that users replace expired products in time, the company
Can continue to provide paid services to customers.

Third: The company will conduct regular satisfaction surveys on customers, and continue to maintain product quality and service.
Improve. Customers should take the initiative to fulfill the necessary product notification obligations to their users, as recommended by our company.
Provide relevant content for the information, effectively inform and communicate to the user about the installation and use of the company s products.
And all safety precautions.


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